The Undergraduate Bioinformatics Club (UBIC) is dedicated to supporting students interested in bioinformatics by facilitating access to jobs, internships, and research opportunities; events, programs, and seminars; communication, collaboration, and socialization between like-minded students; and more.

If you wish to learn more about the field of Bioinformatics, Click Here to download a PDF of our informational poster about Bioinformatics.

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We want to hear from YOU!

UBIC is conducting a survey to get feedback from UCSD Bioinformatics majors about the major curriculum! Please only respond if you are a Bioinformatics major, and only include courses you have completed or are currently taking in your response. We appreciate your feedback!

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Here's a list of some of our upcoming events:

Research Expo (5/22/2015)

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the event! If you have any feedback about the event that we can use to improve it in future years, please Click Here to fill out the event survey.